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Local search optimization

Local Search Optimization: New Techniques to Implement

Local search optimization takes on a totally different structure than regular SEO. This is especially evidenced in Google’s recent updates, where they slapped many Google Maps pages, an action that negatively affected the SEO of many business who relied on Google Maps as their main source of traffic. And while there’s no way you can possibly prevent or predict every Google update that comes down the pike, stay up to date with Google’s latest changes and upcoming tweaks never hurts. In this guide, we’ll go over a little bit of what you need to know differently between regular SEO and ...

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seo guide

SEO Guide: Simple Steps to Understanding SEO

SEO guide tips are often convoluted and designed for expert understanding. This leaves beginner internet marketers in the dust and feeling left out, not to mention a bit behind on the curve. In this SEO guide, we’ll explore some search engine basics that you don’t hear everywhere in an SEO guide as well as some ways you can start using them on your new or current website. Let’s start with a little groundwork before getting into the SEO guide. Do you know what a search engine is? You might not know what a search engine is, but you probably will ...

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Good website content

Blog Ideas for Creating Content on Your Blog

Blog ideas often run dry when you write a lot of content for your blog or website. You start off with great intentions of writing loads of unique articles, posting them daily, bookmarking them to your multiple profile all across the web and so forth. But when it gets down to the wire and you have to start actually writing the articles, you find your brain is of no help in the creativity department, your mind starts to wander and you type out about 100 words and call it quits. As blog ideas go, this is often how it happens, ...

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Web Search Optimization Tips

Web Search Optimization Tips for Your Business

Web search optimization tips will help you grow your business online. Whether you’re a new business owner or a seasoned veteran, you can make use of the tips you’re about to read here. But before we go on, perhaps we should evaluate what you currently have going on with your website. Let’s start with the age of the domain and how long you’ve had content up there. The age of a site is kind of like wine. The older it sits there and permeates on the web, the better Google likes it. Of course, it has to be quality to ...

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Web page promotion

Web Page Promotion: Secrets to Getting Traffic

Web page promotion is all you hear about these days. In fact, if you get around the internet marketing world enough, you probably get sick of reading and hearing about the different methods that each guru promotes. So what’s the deal? What do you really have to do to promote your web page? Implementing web page promotion that will work for your unique site really does boil down to your needs and what your site offers. Plus, if you plan to do any sort of pay-per-click ads, you need to budget out some PPC page promotion. But all in all, ...

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