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Website optimization services

Website Optimization Services: Signs You Need One

Website optimization services seems to be a dirty term for many hardcore internet marketers. But when it all boils down to it, if a website service gets the job done for you when you can’t do it yourself, there’s nothing wrong with getting a little help. Sure, it can get pricey, but then so can churning your wheels day and in and day out trying to learn everything yourself and reinvent the wheel. Website optimization services come in many forms. Some work on the actual design while others make it more Google friendly. These days, you have to be careful ...

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Make my site mobile friendly

Make My Site Mobile Friendly the Free Way

Make my site mobile friendly – these words come out of the mouths of a lot of people I know. But the thing is, they want it done for free. They don’t want to invest one extra cent to take advantage of more than 60% of the marketplace (for certain niches). Well for all you cheapskates out there, here’s some good news. There ARE ways to make your website mobile friendly without spending a fortune. Thanks to Google, you can now visit one web page to choose from a list of mobile developers who are offering free or low-cost deals ...

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local contacts

Local Contacts: They Really Do Matter

Local contacts are way more important than most internet marketers will lead you to believe. I know, I know, you think that because you’re promoting a website, you can do everything on the web and you no longer need those real-life schmucks. But let me tell you something from years of experience – you DO need those local contacts, and in more ways than you might think. Local contacts are your ticket to instant trust. Whereas in the online world, you have to earn trust by working your way through customer skepticism by posting real-looking testimonials and videos, offering plenty ...

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Make money with ebooks

Make Money with eBooks Online

Make money with eBooks, like many other internet gurus, and you might be able to manage your own online business doing nothing but promoting other authors’ eBooks. However, it takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get to that point. It’s not a journey many make it through successfully. Those that do, however, often find a niche market that makes them a lot of money that they eventually rely upon for stable income. If this is your dream, then don’t let anyone talk you out of pursuing it. However, it’s prudent to look into exactly how much effort you’re ...

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Boring blog

Boring Blog: Best Cures for Blogging Boredom

Boring blog? Then you’ll find the cure for boring blog-itis in this guide. Since no one – not even the search engines – want to read a boring blog, you need to get out of the slump fast once you slip into it so you don’t lose readers and interest. We all know what it’s like to hit a road block in our blogs. After writing at least one post per day for days at a time, it’s human nature to reach a plateau. Not only does it get tough to formulate advice for readers out of thin air, but ...

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