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How Much Time Can You Save in a Day?

If you think you cannot afford a VA or Virtual Assistant, then you are probably wrong. The main reason Virtual Assistance is required in the first place is to alleviate the pressure of the main person in a business, so they can concentrate on bringing in new money.  If you haven’t really sat down and worked out how much time you’re wasting every day, then we can work it out now. If you consider all the emails you have written today, that could have been answered by someone else – then I’m sure you would be looking at possibly an ...

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More Copyright Fun!

Again, I’ve had a few emails about Blackhatters who have stolen some of our readers’ content and put it on forums available to the public. We covered this with a few methods at the beginning of the month, with an article called Piracy? All is not lost. It seems, however, that we need a little more in our armoury for this type of behaviour, so I’ve some more tips for you guys today. One of the best tricks I’ve seen with this type of copyright infringement (aside from the usual DMCA takedowns) is rewarding people who actually steal the content! ...

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