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How to Think Outside the Box in Your Niche

Thinking outside the box in a niche is easier said than done. In my experience, I come up with my niche, start writing about it and promptly draw a blank as to how to expand on that and make more income. There are several reasons behind why you should expand your niche and not just go with the regular flow of what everyone else is doing in your niche already. The first reason is that you must have a USP, or unique selling proposition. In layman’s terms, you need to distinguish yourself from everyone else by offering something everyone else ...

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The Live Experiment

A quick look over a business forum will tell you that there are certain ways to attract hundreds of people to a thread, and make an obscene amount of money for free information. These threads are pretty hard to pick out, because it is easy to get engrossed in good quality content on forums, and you never sit back and think “Hey, I ought to do something like that.” This secret little tip has been earning  clever forum marketers (because that’s what they are – not forum members) a lot of money since forums were invented. It’s a method that ...

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