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How to Focus While Jumping from Project to Project

Entrepreneurs are notorious for having short attention spans. One day, you might find a business idea intriguing and captivating. You might work on it for a couple weeks or a couple months, but then something else comes along. This other opportunity looks incredibly tantalizing, so you jump on that project as well. Pretty soon you’re juggling half a dozen different balls, wondering which one’s going to drop first.

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5 Simple Steps to Boosting Your Productivity by 300%

As an entrepreneur, your productivity directly impacts your income. The impact is exponential. If you double your productivity, you don’t just double your income – you easily multiply your earnings by 5 times, 10 times or even more. Mastering productivity is one of the highest leverage skills you could learn. Here are five simple yet powerful ways to boost your productivity: #1: Identify Your Time Leaks Programs like Time Doctor allow you to track exactly what you do with your time. Do you spend most of your time productively working on your projects? Or do you spend your time on ...

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