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Top 5 Reasons to Create a Squeeze Page… Now!

Many web designers and companies debate the pros and cons of having their customers directed to a landing page or having them directed to a squeeze page. The results of the two options are very different. When you direct guests to a landing page, your hope is to make a quick sale.

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Twitter is Dead!

A headline like that did it’s job for the majority of my readers just now. It grabbed your attention, and you were intrigued enough to read the first paragraph. If I had some great news about a new Facebook software that made you money, I don’t doubt you would have kept on reading too. (I hope you still ARE reading of course!) This article is in fact all about attention getting. Children are absolute geniuses when it comes to getting attention. The reason is, that they have little or no inhibitions. If they want you to look at them or ...

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On Squeeze Pages and Carrots

When people ask me how to create a good squeeze page, and how to attract attention so people are dying to subscribe to their list, I usually give them the standard information on how to put together a flowing page – but I also tell them a few things they don’t know. Advertising now is all around us, and we soon forget to look at the things that work on US as consumers when we are looking to impress our audience. The best advice I can give anyone is to get you to look at the way people advertise or ...

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The Common Denominator in Sales Pages and Squeeze Pages?

If you have been struggling with creating your sales pages and squeeze pages, then it’s a fair assumption that you have looked around for some template style software. Something that you can literally just copy and paste, or better yet, fill in the spaces & paint by numbers. Just like magic, out pops a ready made sales page template. Have you found that yet? If you have tried some of the products out there, you will no doubt have come across the same problem as thousands of people. Sales page templates and squeeze page templates still rely on one thing ...

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Who Else Wants to Write Great Headlines?

To write the ultimate headline for a squeeze (or sales) page, you need the ultimate toolbox. If you know nothing about writing compelling headlines, structured titles, or how to lead a prospect to the email capture without them realizing it, then this article will be very useful for you. Creating an eye-catching headline is fairly simple, as we discussed in our members area. But what about the content? You should be realistic, yet bold. You should be charismatic, yet not overbearing… the mixture of emotions you should feel whilst writing it, should convey to the reader easily, and be projected ...

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