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WordPress Corner Peel Plugin (Worth $47)

Hey guys, I just came across this plugin from my buddy Ken Sarr and he gave me permission to give this to you as part of my valued Inner Circle. This little plugin allows you to instantly have one of those cool corner peel ads in the corner of your wordpress site. This is an instant attention getter and by having this already coded in a cool little plugin, you do not have to mess around with Javascript, template editing and possibly breaking your site. This little plugin is worth $47 but it is yours FREE as part of your ...

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Creative and Interesting Images for Your Blogs

We find ourselves at the corner of creative and interesting, and we are now looking to enthral our visitors with things that they might find interesting, or why they would bookmark your page , or grab your RSS feed. There are fewer things that catch the eye better than using an image on a blog, or an animation, or a video (which appears as a static image in the first place). With this in mind, we are going to tackle something which we haven’t touched on when talking about interest grabbing content: images.

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Keeping Visitors Interested

Few things keep us busy when we are looking around a blog, and absorbing the content. Usually we just want to read the information that we’ve come for, and then disappear back to Google to continue our hunt for information. The websites that actually interest us, the ones that we bookmark, and the ones that we sign up for updates for – they are the ones with the little gadgets, more often than not. Did you ever find yourself playing with the animated tag cloud on someone’s site? We all do. It is human nature to play with gadgets. Some ...

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Create your Own “Members Only” Blog

One member recently wrote to me asking how it would be possible to turn their WordPress blog into a site that has both a members section and a free area. Some blogs do this well, whilst providing great content they also have a section that is only accessible if you sign up for their newsletter or actually make yourself a member of the site. This is much easier than you think, and we will discuss the pros and the cons of each method.

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One Blog to Rule Them All…

Blogging is, in essence, fun. The only problem people have, is updating all their online presences at once. This used to be a breeze with tools like Ping.FM, but even that has started to fall down slightly with its API. The very best way to control all your social media platforms from one place, is with your blog. WordPress is an ideal candidate for this type of thing, because there are loads of really cool plugins just waiting to make your life easier. If a plugin does not exist for the job you want doing – you can easily hire ...

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