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Social networking plugins

Social Networking Plugins : Connect with Your Readers

Social networking plugins on your blog serve several purposes. As an internet marketer, you want your site visitors to track down your activities anywhere at any time. The easier you make this task for them, the more likely they are to keep you in mind when they want to catch up on the latest information in your authority niche. Social networking plugins look like little icon buttons on the sidebar or navigation bar of your website. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and StumbleUpon are often the most popular plugin links to direct site traffic towards. Feedburner, an RSS feed manager, ...

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Best content management system

Best Content Management System for Your Website

Best content management system options abound on the internet. There are paid versions and free, open source versions. A lot of them work similarly to accomplish one thing: helping you manage website content, design and function without all the hassle of coding and designing everything yourself. Generally, the best content management system is one that you install on your website and use to add new content and design elements. The whole point of a content management system is to enable the user to copy and paste new content for instant publishing and to make a few selections in a plugin ...

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Wordpress contact form

WordPress Contact Form: Free Plugins You Can Use

WordPress contact form plugins are generally free to the public, which makes your job as a contact management system owner much easier. If you were working in a software like Dreamweaver, you would have to code the contact form yourself using PHP code. But with a free plugin, all the hassle is behind you. A WordPress contact form basically provides you with all the information fields you need from a potential client or customer. Plugins of this type usually include name, email address and message fields. Some even place a CAPTCHA form at the bottom so your odds of getting ...

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How to use WordPress

How to Use WordPress on Your Website

How to use WordPress instructions are found all over the internet, but you don’t always need the instructions themselves – you need to know what to do with WordPress once it’s installed. This guide will give you a basic overview of the capabilities your site will have once you install WordPress. The WordPress installation itself is pretty easy. If your domain hosting offers one-click WordPress installation, you can install WordPress directly from the control panel of your hosting dashboard. The software will create a username and password for you, and all you have to do is save those login credentials ...

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Drastically Enhance Your Twitter Experience in Seconds – Twitter Nirvana!

Twitter is an amazing tool and they are constantly making changes to the Twitter.com interface to streamline how it works and to make it an easier experience for chrome. However, there are some features that are missing that can make twittering a royal pain in the backside.If you are using an interface to Twitter like Tweetdeck or tweeting from your Iphone, these apps have figured out a lot of the problems for you. However, if you are using the website, then you may find it a bit cumbersome. For example, to RT (Retweet) a post, you have to copy the ...

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