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The Dummies Guide to Improving Conversion Rates

It doesn’t matter how many visitors your site attracts, if they are not converting to sales, then your site will never make REAL money.  Believe it or not, a few tweaks here and there may be all that you need in order to turn incoming traffic into a viable source of income.  Before you take the time and effort and revamp your entire marketing campaign, check out these quick fixes that can yield big time results! – Pay attention to your copywriting.  Every word illicit a different thought or emotion from the reader.  Utilize the big power words that can be found here. ...

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5 Easy Steps You Can Take to Improve Conversion Rates

It’s not enough to have countless people flooding your website if no one is purchasing what you are selling.  Improving conversion rates should be a continuous, ongoing process as it can either make or break a marketing career.  Here’s an example of how only a few minor steps taken to improve conversion rates can lead to big earnings… You have 2 sites.  Site “A” receives 4,000 monthly views, but is not fully optimized for a solid conversion rate, so only 5% of viewers purchase your $49 product.  For those that are not mathematically inclined, that comes to a total of ...

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Top 10 Marketing Strategies for 2014

As the new year approaches, it’s important to take notice of how internet marketing has progressed over the last year, and will continue to progress in the years to come. Your digital marketing strategy should be much easier to narrow down thanks to certain limitations that the continuous Google updates have placed on marketers.  However, though they are limitations, they are not necessarily bad. Quite the contrary, the constant “tweaking” of the Google algorithms has done nothing but ensure that those marketers that abide by the rules and follow ethical, white hat strategies will prevail, while those that attempt to ...

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