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3 Ways to Leverage More Traffic from Search Engines

Generating organic traffic, or traffic from search engines, is absolutely necessary in an age where consumers are constantly using their desktops and mobile devices to search for what they are looking for. A recent statistic provided by Mashable states that there are over 100 billion searches through Google on a monthly basis. Even more interesting, more than half of those searches come from mobile devices. While those are some pretty staggering numbers, the fact that consumers do a lot of searching through Google is probably not a surprise to you. You are probably well aware of the fact that your ...

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Google, Bing, Yahoo and the Epic Chess Match for Your Business

For over a decade, Google has been the undisputed king of search traffic, receiving over 1 billion searches every single month.  Lately though, Bing/Yahoo have been hot on their heels implementing new plans to garner new traffic.  In an earlier post, Are You Placing All OF Your Eggs Into One Basket, we covered reasons as to why you should spread your focus around, taking advantage of more than one traffic stream.  This also pertains to search engines as well.  Today we’re going to talk about why focusing efforts on Bing/Yahoo may be as lucrative (if not more) than ONLY utilizing ...

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