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11 Top Small Business Strategies for Marketing Success

What is the biggest challenge that your business faces when it comes to marketing your products or services? As a small business owner, your answer is probably going to have something to do with your limited marketing budget and lack of available resources. You’re not alone. In fact, even CEOs of the most popular brands in the world got their start in a small business atmosphere where efficiency was key. And, while increased resources have allowed them to take their marketing efforts up a notch, they still know a thing or two about effective and efficient marketing tactics. With that in mind, ...

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Marketing vs Prospecting

Marketing vs. Prospecting: Which is Better for Your Business?

Every single day, people from all over the world discontinue their unfulfilling, hum drum jobs in order to pursue a new life as an internet marketer. Everyone has their own unique motivations behind this change; maybe they’re attracted to the idea of having full financial freedom. Perhaps they want to work whenever they want from wherever they want. Maybe they are interested in something more meaningful like the pride of owning a successful business.   The motivation doesn’t matter as we’re all interested in reaching the same end result; bringing value to others and making sales. However, the majority of these ...

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Marketing Words and Sales Phrases

1565 Marketing Power Words and Phrases to Boost Your Sales

Have you ever been scratching your head to come up with just the right way to title a marketing sales letter or email? It happens to anyone who is a copywriter. Sometimes you just get a mental cramp and just can’t think of the right thing to say. Well this massive list of incredible Marketing Power Words may help you craft the perfect text you need to rake in your next round of profits. This list has been gathered from my collection over the years and I am sure you will find it an invaluable resource, so make sure you ...

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