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Fun Facebook Strategies to Tap into

Is your Facebook fan page growing a little boring? Do you find yourself logging into Facebook for business purposes  and checking your personal profile more often than you update your business profile? Both of these questions address very common problems amongst the internet marketing community, so don’t feel bad if you have to answer “yes” in your mind.

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How to sell yourself

How to Sell Yourself in Internet Marketing

How to sell yourself in internet marketing or anywhere else is a skill that most marketers overlook. They spend so much time selling their product – or trying to – that they completely forget about selling themselves. In many ways, a product sells itself. If a prospect comes to your website as a result of searching for said product, chances are, they already know a little bit about it and are seeking to purchase it. This is especially true of big-name brands that don’t really need your help in selling their products. What you have to sell to them is ...

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