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CTA: Amplify Your Results

First off, what is a call to action? In marketing, a call to action (CTA) is a directive to the visitor to incite an instant answer, most often by using an urgent message such as “call now!”, “find out more” or “visit a store today”. A CTA doesn’t need to be so bossy however. It could just be a simple request like “choose a style ” or “watch this short video”. An obvious CTA would be inviting the website visitor to buy a product or give personal details and/or contact information to the company/website. Brilliant marketing tactics often use a ...

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Pop-up Marketing: The Advantage

Pop-up advertisements have been a pervasive part of web browsing since the internet’s use became widespread in the 1990s. It initially seemed like a fantastic marketing tool, particularly when used in a subversive manner. An advertisement pops up, on top of the site the user intended to visit, and won’t let the user get to his or her desired destination until he or she has clicked on the pop-up to either visit the place advertised or find the way to close it. Marketing Tool or Public Enemy? What was originally envisioned as the new wave in marketing, an innovative way ...

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