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Five Signs That You Need to Work for Yourself

Let’s face it. Not everyone was cut out to work for a boss. If you hate your job, you could be one of those people. Bearing in mind, of course, that work is work no matter how you slice it, and that hating your job could just be a sign that you’re sick of working, there is still something to be said for wanting more out of life. Sometimes that “more” comes in the form of a total career shift. And that total career shift might very well be the change between building up someone else’s dream and starting your ...

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What You are Doing Wrong in Networking

Nobody likes networking for the first time. The thing is, its not as easy as it would seem to those who have been doing it for years. Yes the internet makes it a little easier and not so in your face, because you can send a direct message, PM or even an email and that will certainly do the job. However, when you are a stone cold newbie who has never networked in their life, then of course its going to seem like one of the hardest things ever, to initiate a conversation with somebody who could actually end up ...

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