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Three Skills You Don’t Think You Need – But You Do

There’s something I’ve noticed in my years as an internet/affiliate marketer that has gotten under my skin just a little. I think it applies to everyone in ways, but to affiliate marketers in general. We are LAZY! That’s right – lazy. Before you protest that you’re the hardest-working internet marketer you know, let me explain myself. I don’t blame the internet marketers themselves. After all, they’re kind of a product of the reputation the internet marketing industry has given itself. “Make money quick” and “bum marketing” and the like are all phrases you’ve probably heard thrown around. Why do you ...

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Problems as opportunities

Problems as Opportunities: Reversing Your Problem

Seeing problems as opportunities is not something that we as humans are used to doing. We tend to try to see problems as something to overcome or something to have to fight. Sometimes though, we should try to see them as ways we can benefit from having to go through a trial. For example, how do you think so many people are able to write eBooks on how to get rid of certain diseases or sicknesses? Some are charlatans, of course, and others just copied what existing books have to say on the subject, but many of them actually had ...

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Outsourcing articles

Outsourcing Articles for Article Marketing

Outsourcing articles is one of the best time-saving decisions you can make. However, it can also be very costly if you hire the wrong person to outsource your articles. In this guide, we’ll go over a few tips to keep in mind during the hiring process all the way through the submission of the first few articles. You’ve probably heard that saving money and running a successful business is only done when you don’t micro manage everything yourself. You can outsource and save yourself a lot of time, especially on mundane tasks that you’d rather not complete yourself. This is ...

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