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Want a Better Site? Change Starts with You

After getting out of a brainstorming session today with some colleagues of mine, one thing was certain: our traffic is slowing down, and our site leads have turned into a trickle. None of us were too happy about it, to say the least, but I got the opportunity to put forth several ideas to help bring our traffic back up. Those in the room who enjoyed the internet-savvy end of things were on board wholeheartedly. Those who weren’t kind of moped on the sidelines and more or less accepted the fact that change was inevitable, although I’m not too sure ...

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A Lesson From the Spammers

As much as we hate those guys, you have a lot to thank spammers for. At least, you have a lot to learn from them. Don’t believe me? Well, the basic principle a spammer works on is that if he throws enough…ah, sticky stuff, then at least some of it will stick. The spammer sits in his basement, on a PC that is only set up for these junk emails and junk links, and he willingly blasts our inbox into oblivion. Small wonder that one of the first things a brand new computer owner looks for online is Spyware or ...

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Hello, Can I Have a Backlink, Please?

In the main blog, I discussed using the site http://www.nsspy.org/ for backlink site harvesting, and would just like to show you how you can use article marketing to really explode your search engine coverage, using that very same site. Articles, of course, are huge in internet marketing now, and are almost in the staple diet of the SEO company. Articles have been mentioned in countless guides and ebooks as being the ultimate in free (bum) marketing. Once you have set those articles going, they continue to get a residual traffic stream for you thanks to the power they gain from ...

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I Am NOT a Designer!

The biggest problem that people face when starting out can be their first blog or sales page, or squeeze page – in fact anything that involves being creative… if they are not a designer, or have ANY design skills. Sure, you can outsource this work, but really, do you want to have to pay somebody hundreds of dollars for what you need? Because there’s a lot isn’t there? There’s your logo, your blog or webpage header, there’s the little social icons that people are loving these days, and then there’s the little banners that you want all over the page… ...

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A Deadline for Success

There’s a lot you can learn from just looking around at the successful blogs out there. One thing you will certainly learn is that (just like any industry) your chances of earning a five figure income from your blog every month INSTANTLY are very slim, unless you are willing to put in the amount of effort your peers have to get where they are today. There are no magic bullets, and there are no buttons that once pressed, deliver money straight to your account. The amount of effort required to get your first $1000 can often be enough to put ...

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