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4 Fundamental Foundations of Internet Marketing Success

There are some absolute basic areas and foundations of every internet marketing business that you should have. Even if you are an offline business with an online presence, you need to tap into these fundamentals to maximize your online success. Get Blogging Today It seems that everyone has a blog these days, right? Well, your business sites need them too to help boost your presence online. Empowering your business site with the potential reach of a targeted blog can help you in many areas. First of all you can give you tremendous advantages with search engine optimization and actually make ...

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Taking Your Profits Offline

Taking your profits offline If you were to choose between a free method of contacting people and a paid method, each one having its particular strong points and drawbacks, you would probably opt for the free method. Then if you were told that by using the paid method, you could in fact put your prices up, and actually get more out of a client than you could with the free method – would you rethink? Offline marketing has for some time been dominated by those with thousands of dollars to spend, and they spend it on a marketing campaign that ...

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An Idea for the Offliners (Part 2 of 2)

If you have contacted enough companies, you should have a great list put together. Do not throw away that list of contacts (it will come in handy later). You now have a list of common problems and common reasons a person may want to use the companies you’ve contacted. This is great information now for finding keywords. You just need to enter broad ideas into a tool like Google AdWords Keyword Tool, and you will start finding treasures among the usual big competition keywords. For example, let’s say one of the most common jobs a crane hire company is called ...

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An Idea for the Offliners (Part 1 of 2)

A friend of mine called me today to ask for a favor. In return he said he’d let me in on one of his latest “secrets.” I obliged, of course, and didn’t really expect much in return, as the favor was not much at all. What he told me gave me a much better and bigger idea. His secret was pretty basic, but highly effective. It relied on two things – offline businesses, and online keywords. He used classified ads in a newspaper to get new keywords to try on his local sites. He looked at the services people offered, ...

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Ever Thought You Could Make it Offline?

There are a few ways you can make the transition from online to offline with your marketing, and again there are fewer still that are cost effective. Lets say you were in the job seeking niche, and you have a landing page that converts very well from online marketing – but it’s costing you an arm and a leg in pay per click costs. You would be just as well taking a few weeks off from marketing via PPC, and using that money to put into offline advertising. With just as much creative knowledge, you can put together a marketing ...

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