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What keywords to use

What Keywords to use for Best Results

What keywords to use for best results with your SEO? This is a question a lot of internet marketers want to know the answer to when they are searching for fresh keywords for content. While keywords are a dime a dozen it seems, you’ll find the real gems when you outline the qualities you want a keyword phrase to have. For instance, you might pick a keyword like “celebrity haircuts” if you want to put up a haircut website. What you won’t know until you do some research, however, is that this keyword has too much competition for you to ...

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Types of keywords

Types of Keywords: Picking the Right Keywords for the Task

Types of keywords you choose for your internet marketing needs will dictate which visitors find your site and how they will react when they see it. In the world of internet marketing, keywords fit into three branches. We’ll talk about these three categories as well as how they relate to your marketing needs. Certain types of keywords indicate what the user’s mentality is at the time of the search. Some signify that they are looking to purchase a product while others denote that they are simply browsing. As an internet marketer, it’s your job to look at the intent behind ...

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