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Ebook covers

eBook Covers: Think Outside the Binding

eBook covers are digitally crafted graphics designed to make your eBook PDF look like more than just 35 pages in a Microsoft Word document. Your hum-drum file will turn into a work of art when you create eBook covers for your digital products. But eBook covers aren’t just about one 3D graphic with a front cover and a binding. Depending on the product you want to sell, you might need multiple covers in different sizes as well as different binding types. For instance, workbooks and study guides might sell better if they look like they’re spiral bound in the picture. If you include ...

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Creating a Product (Made Easy)

One problem many of my readers and clients have, is having the ability to create a brand new product that they can give away free on their blog. I’ve touched on this a few times, but I’d just like to give a better overview, of how you can build a product (eBook or digital guide) in just a few minutes/hours depending on your level of ability. The best way to look at this, is that the time you invest in this product creation, will be rewarded for as long as you provide the product to your clients. The first thing ...

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Getting Things Done on the Cheap Side!

Just because you don’t have the money to get the most expensive tools and toys of the professional internet marketers, don’t worry about it. You can usually find everything you need on your hard drive, or in a free (or cheap) trial. One of the best things about the information superhighway, is that everyone likes a bargain, and the internet is more than happy to keep you up to date with the best ones out there.

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