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Local search SEO

Local Search SEO: How to be Prevalent

Local search SEO is a different beast from national and international search, but the themes are still the same. All you have to do is take the knowledge you have from regular SEO and apply to localizing it. It might sound like a complicated process, but when you break it down, it’s not. Local search SEO isn’t just about placing the right keywords in all the right places. It’s about networking with other businesses in your area, getting restaurants, doctor’s offices, car dealerships and more to make friends with you and link to your website. Chances are, some of these ...

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SEO basics

SEO Basics: Don’t Overlook the Minute Details

SEO basics are easy to follow on websites, blogs and even videos if you know how to apply them. Making a checklist of which SEO items you need to include on a regular basis always helps. But you need to ensure that you’ve got all your bases covered, not just the major ones which are the easiest to fill out. This guide will help you select additional SEO tactics that you’ve probably forgotten or have maybe never even heard of before. SEO basics help you get a friendly nod from Google and just about any other major search engine. You ...

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Learn SEO

Learn SEO: A Beginner’s Guide

Learn SEO before you launch your website, PPC campaign or blog. Otherwise,  you could stunt your site’s traffic growth by submitting a less-than-optimal website to the search engines prematurely. Many website owners get a little too gung-ho about their new websites and want to launch it as soon as they have the first page formatted. Avoid getting trigger happy on that “publish to web” button, and read ahead for a few tips on how to learn SEO before launching. Why is it important to learn SEO? As soon as you upload the files to your blog or website, you give ...

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Keywords for blog

Keywords for Blog: Picking Tags for Blogs and Posts

Keywords for blog purposes are often pretty easy to pick initially. You’ll need keywords for several different reasons when it comes to blogging. First, you want the search engines to crawl your blog, so you insert juicy tags in your posts in order to have the best chance possible of visitors reading your new posts. Secondly, you need tags for your blog in general. These are META tags, and they’ll give the search engine a good idea of what your blog is about without looking at every single post. Selecting these keywords takes a bit of skill, but it’s one ...

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