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Amazon’s Prime Marketing Strategy

By now it’s safe to say that anyone who has been online has probably heard of Amazon and almost just as many have heard of Amazon Prime. Starting out as a way for customers to get 2-day shipping on all the orders many doubted that customers would be willing to pay an annual fee just for shipping. Amazon Prime has now been in existence for 8 years and has been received by millions of customers. What many experts claimed would be a failure turned into a way for Amazon to fund many of its new distribution centers and increase brand ...

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The Finances of Marketing

Those in the marketing business are aware of how costly it can be. According to Chron, the average marketing budget is about 5%-7% of you’re a business’ annual projected sales. For some businesses, this is an achievable budget, especially if the company is earning additional revenue on the side. On the other hand, for other brands that are just starting out, then this number can still be high. Rather than put your company through a financial burden, it may be best to implement a more financially savvy marketing strategy. Staying within a proposed and workable budget is the best way ...

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Marketing Downfalls: Is Your Marketing Campaign Legal?

Marketing is a profession that is constantly changing and oftentimes, with changes come new rules and regulations. Unfortunately for most businesses and marketing managers, the legalities of marketing aren’t always thought of unless there is a legal team in place to dove out the basics. The truth is – marketing has elements that are legal and that are not legal. Understanding these basics can protect you in the long run and it can prevent your business from drifting into dangerous waters with the law. To best equip you, below is an overview of legal issues and concerns that you should ...

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Running a Marketing Campaign Without Being Overwhelmed

Marketing your business online can feel a little bit like trying to fill up a swimming pool with an eyedropper, right? There are so many people out there, and not everyone uses the same social media, frequents the same corners of the internet, or uses the same search engines. What’s a small business owner to do? While I know how you are feeling, honestly, I would advise you to take a deep breath and relax. Internet marketing does not have to be hard, complicated, or even all that time consuming, provided you focus your efforts in the right place and ...

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3 Surefire Ways to Sabotage Your Social Media Campaign

I’ve spent a lot of time telling you about what you should do to run a successful social media campaign; today, we are going to discuss the things that you should not do, the things that are going to run your campaign into the ditch so fast you won’t know what hit you. Social media is powerful tool, no doubt about it, but if you misuse that tool, you can actually end up hurting rather than helping your business. Have you ever had someone rub you the wrong way on Facebook or Twitter? It leaves a bad taste in your ...

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