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Sly, Annoying, or Beneficial?

Popups have had the jury out for a long time. There are many marketers now that are swayed back to popups, and say that they are giving added value by giving away free guides etc. in these popups. The fact still remains that millions of people hate having something popup when they are trying to read the content on a site. Whatever your stance on this, I’m sure you would dearly love to capture the visitor’s attention every time a new one hits your site, and actually get them to read something interesting, without disturbing their visit to the site.

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Regular, Interested Visitors

When you least expect it, you come across an idea so simple – it really does annoy you. I saw an idea recently that totally took me by surprise (when I finally worked out what the blogger was doing). On other articles here at Manic Marketer, you will see that I vouch for rich media websites which keep people interested, and I am a big advocate of doing your best to retain each visitor. It can be very difficult for some people to find new things to write about every day, and outsourcing a task like this (content creation) can ...

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