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Five Reasons to Start an Online Business

Need a few reasons to get off your bum and start making money online? Well I’ve got more than five for you, ordinarily, but five is all you need to be persuaded that making money is a great idea, and for several reasons. Making money online is such a cliché these days that I see a lot of people roll their eyes when they hear it. Yet others have still yet to learn about what exactly it entails, which is surprising considering that I thought just about everyone knew of the online scams and schemes that pervaded so many minds ...

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How to use Tumblr

How to Use Tumblr to Promote Your Website

How to use Tumblr – this is something a lot of website owners want to know so they can expand their social media presence. Tumblr, like any good social network, enables users to post updates via text, photo and video. But there’s a certain recipe to making a successful Tumblr website. This guide will show you how to use Tumblr in such a way that you attract visitors and keep them coming back for more. And this website, unlike Facebook and Twitter, lets you customize your page to more easily brand your blog, so to speak. So not only does ...

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An Idea for the Offliners (Part 2 of 2)

If you have contacted enough companies, you should have a great list put together. Do not throw away that list of contacts (it will come in handy later). You now have a list of common problems and common reasons a person may want to use the companies you’ve contacted. This is great information now for finding keywords. You just need to enter broad ideas into a tool like Google AdWords Keyword Tool, and you will start finding treasures among the usual big competition keywords. For example, let’s say one of the most common jobs a crane hire company is called ...

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Out With the Old, In With the PPV?

Pay per view or PPV is now rapidly becoming known in the industry as the latest way to market products and lead capture. The only problem with an emerging market like PPV is the fact that there’s so much misinformation, that people are running headlong into it, without asking the questions they should. If you think you need PPV in your business model, then you need to do the math, and ensure its not a shot to nothing.

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When Your Writing Tank is Gassed

If you are struggling to find content, which is a subject we have covered a few times, then it may help to keep a short list of how to get rid of white page syndrome. Arm yourself with methods of finding new content, or new ideas, so that if ever you start staring at the screen for longer than a few seconds, you can just reach for your list, and get writing without hesitation. To start with, you really should have a main idea list that you work from. Include all the topics that you cover on your blog, and ...

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