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Good Website Content Drives Good Traffic

Good website content is what drives good traffic these days. All the fanciest backlinking efforts you can perform via social media, bookmarking sites, article sites and forum posting don’t substitute for good content. And if Google has their way, it never will. To a certain extent, that’s a good thing, as it puts things on an even keel for legitimate website authors. But how do you define what good website content is? Perhaps a better question would be, how do the search engines define good content? If you’re trying to please both your visitors and the search engines, this guide ...

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CPA YouTube

CPA YouTube Videos: Selling to the YouTube Crowd

CPA YouTube videos are just another method of guerrilla marketing that you can add to your arsenal of internet marketing tactics. This is one market that hasn’t been leveraged to its full potential and isn’t fully inundated with other internet marketing schemes like article marketing and other CPA methods. But before you go about it the wrong way (and possibly get your YouTube accounts taken down) you need to know more about what you’re up against. With CPA YouTube videos, you’re marketing to a totally different crowd than the crowd who surfs the internet and clicks on AdSense or AdWords ...

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