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2 Ways to Use a Spreadsheet for Keyword Hunting

Let’s be honest, spreadsheets have pretty much been part of our everyday life now for a long time, and we’ve found ever more creative uses for them. None more so than the AC/DC Spreadsheet animation, which – if you haven’t seen it yet – is pretty awesome. Of course, when we are plotting our cash flow for the next 12 months, or working out our home finances, we love spreadsheets, and use them to help us get through the mathematical day a little easier. So, did you ever use your spreadsheet for keyword manipulation? Well, if you haven’t, then you ...

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Reserving Judgement for the Good Guys

It’s such a shame that with all the amazing opportunity out there, people still decide to go their own way in the blackhat arena, and disregard all the great advice from the professionals. For some time I was absolutely fascinated with the blackhat forums online, and it’s no surprise that what I’ll tell you today may shock you. I have never considered actually performing ANY online practices but Whitehat ones, so don’t worry. The shocking thing is, I’m very surprised that most of the Whitehat guys like me do not frequent the blackhat forums and websites more often. Let me ...

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