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7 Landing Page Conversion Hacks that Rock

The most valuable and infuriating task any marketer gets appointed is to create a highly effective landing page that converts. This can be a daunting challenge because there are many variables that can affect the success or failure of a page. At any time, problems may arise with copy, images, page design, traffic issues, the list is endless. A good approach is to not focus so much on why your landing page is not converting, instead channel your energy on methods that will improve performance. The following is a compilation of seven hacks that will help push your landing page ...

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Suck in the Leads with Killer Landing Page Techniques

Marketers and business owners are constantly searching for ways to improve the conversions on their website. Some people tell you that you to focus on improving your web design to increase conversions. Some tell you to give consumers a reason to trust you through social proof. Some say that you should write long form copy that captivates your audience while others tell you that short copy is the way to go. Some will even tell you that to offer different choices for your product or services. What very few marketers mention as an effective way to increase conversions and suck ...

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How to Optimize Your Landing Page for Lead Conversions

As a marketing firm, one of your main goals is to help your clients generate leads. Leads are the serious inquiries that you get from consumers about the product or service that you are marketing. The more leads you have, the stronger your lists, the more effective your newsletters, and the higher the chance the brand has to generate the sales that it is looking for. There are many ways to generate leads, but this specific post is going to deal with a favorite amount marketing professionals: optimizing the landing page. What is a Landing Page? You don’t need to ...

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highest converting landing page ever

10 Essential Tips To Creating Your Highest Converting Landing Page Ever

Landing pages have been a staple for internet marketers since the dawn of the internet age. These pages are specifically designed to convert traffic (whether it’s for a sale or to acquire an email address) and are an essential component in any campaign. Regardless of what the function is, there is no better way to gain conversions. However, there is A LOT of misconception out there about what an ideal landing page will look like. Although the look, feel, and copy of a landing page can vary greatly depending on the niche, the traffic, and what’s being offered, there are ...

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Creating Your First Sales Funnel: The Moment of Truth

In the previous blog post, I showed you how to create your own informational product. Today, we’re going to take it a step further as I’ll be walking you through the process of actually selling that product. If you happened to miss the post I am referring to, you can view it here. The model I am going to introduce to you is based on taking full advantage of “the moment of truth”. Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with a master chef and converse about the sales process that is used in the restaurant business. He explained ...

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