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What is the Secret

You may know of a DVD that has been made popular by many people called “The Secret”, which is based on the laws of attraction to improve your wealth, state of mind and anything else in your life you would like. If you want to get a higher paid job, you positively reinforce this to yourself, and never allow yourself to be negative about it. For example, you only concentrate on HOW to get there, and not WHY you’re not there. The Secret is based on a good foundation of self belief and positivity – so despite what critics may ...

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All About Leveraging Apps

The title itself is a little cryptic, and that has mainly to do with the fact that apps are still in their infancy as far as the mainstream internet marketers are concerned. If you are not sure of what an app is, or what it could do for your business, then this article will shed some light on the whole subject for you. Occasionally we are faced with a dilemma in business. We are faced with a choice of learning or don’t earn. Diversification means your business is never stagnant, and will always reach new clients. These clients may currently ...

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