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Email Marketing and Routines

The most successful email marketing methods are ones that tap into a persons daily or weekly habits. If a person gets into a routine of seeing and reading your articles, then if you provide a call to action (which is another way of saying click this link), then they are more likely to actually do it. To get an idea for this kind of email marketing, simply sit down and think of the things you do every day at a specific time. The easy ones are your morning coffee or tea, or your last hour at the PC spent deleting ...

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Mobile Apps for IM?

You may have seen the mobile eBooks, iPhone apps, Android apps and Facebook apps that are tipped to be the biggest thing on the internet since time began. Well, the problem with these apps is that nobody has a real idea about how their business can actually get into the marketplace and stand alongside the already well placed companies. If you have an eBook or product you think would appeal to mobile users, who want to access your content on the move, the process is quite simple.

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Niche Product Review Webmaster? Check this Out

When you are running a blog or website reviewing products, the chances are that you start on Amazon, with the best selling products. The only problem with this, is that there are probably 500,000 other bloggers doing the same thing, trying to keep up with the biggest sellers on Amazon. At this point, you will need a backup site. Where else can you find products that are best sellers…?

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The Genius of Webinars Part 1

Webinars are becoming more popular with internet marketing tutors, and offer a live, interactive experience for their prospective or current clients. The amazing thing is, webinars are accessible to everyone in IM, but really should only be used by those who have a particularly good knowledge of a subject. A webinar enables people to sit and listen to you, and watch you demonstrate anything from an interactive whiteboard to a slideshow presentation. After that, you can do a question and answer session, so you had better be prepared to answer those questions!

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