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Taking Your Profits Offline

Taking your profits offline If you were to choose between a free method of contacting people and a paid method, each one having its particular strong points and drawbacks, you would probably opt for the free method. Then if you were told that by using the paid method, you could in fact put your prices up, and actually get more out of a client than you could with the free method – would you rethink? Offline marketing has for some time been dominated by those with thousands of dollars to spend, and they spend it on a marketing campaign that ...

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3 Things You Can Do With An Article

When you have a writer working for you, and one that you trust, you can use their service as a springboard for many things. Content, they say, is King – and the people who are writing content, they are God in this world of internet marketing. Finding a good writer who is cost effective can be a bind, but it really is trial and error most of the time. You will certainly find what you are looking for as long as you believe in paying for quality workmanship. The ability to craft an article that has a reader transfixed on ...

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Quitting Your Day Job Part 1 of 2

There will come a time when you are so excited by everything you are learning that you tire of getting up at six am to go to work, and are looking for that window of opportunity where you can quit your job, and go full time online. Before you make that decision, there are a few things to consider, so you do not leave yourself high and dry. Besides what you may take away from a job, like your last month’s pay etc., you should also consider what money you will be earning next month. The important things to consider ...

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To Pop Up or Not Pop Up?

You will have noticed that there are lots of alternatives to popups on blogs now. They are impossible to block using normal popup blockers, as the coding has got much better in recent years, and browsers don’t even see it coming. Whilst some popups are plain annoying, in the IM world, marketers use them properly, to ask you if you want to sign up for their subscription services or just to let you know about a freebie. That’s just fine, and has always been the norm online.

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Surveys Are the key to Your Success

Market research is a very easy route to making a lot of money. If you know what your customers really want and need, then all you have to do is server it up to them on a silver platter, and reap the rewards. So why doesn’t everyone do it on a regular basis? The problem usually is that when a marketer gets an idea, they want to get straight down to business and get it out to the public. They know that there is a market there for them – but they’re not sure how BIG that market is. So, ...

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