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video for blogs

Video for Blogs: Creating Blog-Friendly Videos

Video for blogs and websites needs to fit certain parameters for building viewership and attracting new visitors to your site. If you know how to properly optimize YouTube videos for search engine friendliness, then you’re halfway there already. But there are a few other things you should know before you try integrating video for blogs into your posts. Your video for blogs needs to differ from regular YouTube videos in a few ways. First, while you can upload YouTube videos up to 15 minutes in length, this is generally poor practice when used in video for blogs. They’re simply too ...

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YouTube optimization

YouTube Optimization: Getting Your Videos Searched

YouTube optimization is all about getting your videos crawled in the search engines. Much like articles, you can use keyword phrases to help searchers find your videos. However, videos do not have the searchability of written content, so you can’t rely on words alone to help you get views. It may seem like YouTube optimization is pretty fruitless if you can’t use regular methods of optimization to attract viewers. After all, if you can’t put words in the video that can be searched through a search engine, what are you left with? It’s pretty hard to search the videos in ...

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Make a Tutorial Video

Make a Tutorial Video: Selling Your Own Videos

Make a tutorial video to sell along with your eBooks, and you could hit a gold mine of potential wealth. Video is king these days, especially since it’s so easy to watch on almost any mobile device or computer. People like being shown how to do things, not just reading about it. If you’re trying to sell a product that needs some kind of instruction, from building a shed to creating a WordPress blog on your own domain, chances are you’ll have an easier time selling it if you have some instructional videos to go along with it. Learning how ...

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