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Twitter is Dead!

A headline like that did it’s job for the majority of my readers just now. It grabbed your attention, and you were intrigued enough to read the first paragraph. If I had some great news about a new Facebook software that made you money, I don’t doubt you would have kept on reading too. (I hope you still ARE reading of course!) This article is in fact all about attention getting. Children are absolute geniuses when it comes to getting attention. The reason is, that they have little or no inhibitions. If they want you to look at them or ...

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3 Secret Niche Hunting Tips

In the main blog, you will notice that I have been checking up on what visitors are reading on the site, and hopefully I can deliver something you are all looking for. In the main blog, you will see there’s an article about copywriting, and this article will deal with the fun and games of niche hunting. Okay, it’s not the most interesting part of being a marketer, but to be honest, without good niche hunting skills, you are going to be flat broke before you know it. Niches grow on trees, and there are thousands to choose from. The ...

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