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Getting Your Site Indexed in Google in Under 24 Hours

When you are starting with a new domain or business online you do not have the benefit of having an aged domain name. Search engines look at older sites with a different eye than new sites. New sites are treated with suspicion by search engines like Google and may potentially end up sandboxed (a theoretical blackhole that new sites may go into within the Google index.) It used to be the case that it would take weeks to get your homepage indexed within Google (which has an 80% market share by some estimates) but here are a few tips to ...

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Flips and Flops

Buying established websites from places like Flippa.com has got its plus points. The ease in which you can pick up a site that has got traffic and revenue is truly great, but of course with the amount of fraud online, this too has got its negative side. We explore today some of the worst offenders, and a few blackhat methods that are actually circulating right now on the established website market. Flippa has a pretty good variety when it comes to site types. There’s niche sites for AdSense and Amazon, and there’s the odd members site or forum. You will ...

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Segmenting Analytics for Social Traffic

Social marketing is here to stay, and if we’re honest, is changing the way we do everything. It has even changed the way we read our statistics on our website logs. I wrote an article in the main blog today that tells you how to get your Google Analytics working for you and driving you in getting better marketing put together, based on your keyword data on GA. This quick article is a spin off article, and will help you use Google Analytics to actually track your Social traffic easier. It’s just a quick tip, and easy to do – ...

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Analytics and Keywords

I’d like to take a few moments to remind you just how to get the best out of your website, using a free tool that you may not even be taking full advantage of. Google Analytics has by far changed a lot of our lives, because it makes it very easy to analyze the minute details of every visit to your website. Not only can you see who arrived at your site, but you can virtually track every movement they made, and this is an absolute Godsend to those of us who love statistics. Statistics decide how we move forward ...

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Never Lose Another Visitor to Your Site

Your biggest marketing aid are the visitors that never stay on your website. Whilst it is worthwhile tracking your visitors using Google Analytics, how they visit one page, click through to another, and which content is most relevant to the keywords they typed in originally, the reverse can be much more beneficial to the life of your site. For instance, you can quite easily optimize the rest of your site for the people who are staying for one or two minutes, reading interesting articles – then clicking outbound links to affiliate pages… but imagine the difference if you could retain ...

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