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What Is CPA

What is CPA? CPA Marketing Explained

What is CPA marketing, and how can you make money with it? This guide will show you what exactly CPA offers are and which marketing methods you might use to advertise your offers. What is CPA, and what does it stand for? “CPA” stands for Cost Per Action. In simple terms, an affiliate program may offer a CPA deal, where you send the vendor leads from your customers. You don’t actually sell them a product; you drive traffic to your offer and send that traffic straight to the vendor after collecting vital information about that customer. What is CPA Marketing ...

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Don’t Sell Yourself Short – Pricing Strategies

When it comes to creating informational products many people decide that they need volume sales to create the flood of riches that they desire and dream about. When it comes to pricing strategies there are usually two business objectives. These are to either maximize short-term profits or to gain market share. This almost creates a myopic view of your long-term goals and many people focus on quantity of sales rather than the quality of the customer. It is all too easy in a difficult climate to reduce the costs of our products to entice more sales. This is bad thing ...

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Harness Affiliate Power

Affiliates for your products are hard to come by if you are not willing to go out there and ask them to come aboard, and start selling your products for you. A few of the mistakes that digital product sellers make are outlined below. If you are making any of these mistakes, don’t worry – they are easy to rectify. If you don’t recognize a problem – then just take a step back, and ask yourself if you could sell 500 products in a month easily, or find 20 people to sell your products for you? Usually the latter is ...

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