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How to Think Outside the Box in Your Niche

Thinking outside the box in a niche is easier said than done. In my experience, I come up with my niche, start writing about it and promptly draw a blank as to how to expand on that and make more income. There are several reasons behind why you should expand your niche and not just go with the regular flow of what everyone else is doing in your niche already. The first reason is that you must have a USP, or unique selling proposition. In layman’s terms, you need to distinguish yourself from everyone else by offering something everyone else ...

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What is the Secret

You may know of a DVD that has been made popular by many people called “The Secret”, which is based on the laws of attraction to improve your wealth, state of mind and anything else in your life you would like. If you want to get a higher paid job, you positively reinforce this to yourself, and never allow yourself to be negative about it. For example, you only concentrate on HOW to get there, and not WHY you’re not there. The Secret is based on a good foundation of self belief and positivity – so despite what critics may ...

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Surveys Are the key to Your Success

Market research is a very easy route to making a lot of money. If you know what your customers really want and need, then all you have to do is server it up to them on a silver platter, and reap the rewards. So why doesn’t everyone do it on a regular basis? The problem usually is that when a marketer gets an idea, they want to get straight down to business and get it out to the public. They know that there is a market there for them – but they’re not sure how BIG that market is. So, ...

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