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Email Marketing and Routines

The most successful email marketing methods are ones that tap into a persons daily or weekly habits. If a person gets into a routine of seeing and reading your articles, then if you provide a call to action (which is another way of saying click this link), then they are more likely to actually do it. To get an idea for this kind of email marketing, simply sit down and think of the things you do every day at a specific time. The easy ones are your morning coffee or tea, or your last hour at the PC spent deleting ...

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Combatting Internet Marketing Spam

When you register your email address with an Internet Marketer, they will often be part of groups that do ad swaps, or share marketing lists, so they can reach a larger audience by utilizing the list they have already got. Whilst this is always fine when you know the original marketer has good morals (and won’t let anyone send you any rubbish), sometimes you are unlucky, and end up getting some really bad offers in your inbox that are not at all what you are looking for. You may also experience some spam, in one form or another, and to ...

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The ‘secret’ of internet marketing?

Very few internet marketers and gurus will ever tell you the truth, and leave nothing out. If they told you how they made every penny, surely they would no longer be in business? They may say that they are ‘revealing all’ or ‘blowing the industry wide open’ – but in fact they are giving you just enough information that you still want more from them, and are always just one step behind. This article will explain just one golden rule that people like me, Ryan Deiss, Frank Kern and Alex Jeffreys will actually tell you – because they are true ...

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Email Marketing + Free Backlinks = One Happy Marketer

There are hundreds of ways you can approach email marketing. Once you have got those people on your list, your job is to give them as much value as possible, and to get them to intereact with you or your websites. This tutorial assumes that you have a free ebook to give away, or a PLR ebook that you have rights to, and that you have an email marketing tool like AWeber. When we are marketing, we can of course give things away free, but every so often, asking your list to do a little something for you (for free) ...

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Writing a Tutorial – Can it Get you Traffic?

The secret to making people like you, and buy into you as a person, is to give them something they enjoy – for free. We see it every day on forums and sites, marketers offering a free ebook, in return for an email address. Once that marketer has your email address, they will then start to give you more cool free stuff, and maybe one day offer you a guide that is heavily discounted, just for the people on their list. This is awesome all round. Not only are the marketers building a happy database of possible future clients, but ...

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