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A Lesson From the Spammers

As much as we hate those guys, you have a lot to thank spammers for. At least, you have a lot to learn from them. Don’t believe me? Well, the basic principle a spammer works on is that if he throws enough…ah, sticky stuff, then at least some of it will stick. The spammer sits in his basement, on a PC that is only set up for these junk emails and junk links, and he willingly blasts our inbox into oblivion. Small wonder that one of the first things a brand new computer owner looks for online is Spyware or ...

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Autoresponder Power

Most people are wasting their autoresponder power. They are too busy chasing the first buck from an upsell to their list, which comes in the first email sent out by the marketer. Some people think this is the best time to hit a new subscriber, and some think it is too soon – preferring to go in with freebies for two weeks, and then upsell later. As with most things, I err on the side of caution, and go with something in between, and with extra value to the subscriber. Whenever you get a new subscriber to your list, you ...

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Getting Creative with Backlinks

A clever little trick was passed on to me recently regarding backlinks to your website, or to drum up interest about a site. The technique mainly relies on the fact that you are on a lot of email marketer’s lists. To get on the right kind of list, however, you should look for marketers who have blogs that are regularly updated. The next step is to subscribe to their newsletter. Ok, so sometimes your inbox is going to be full of stuff you cannot or would not buy, but it is worth it! Here’s why:

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Building Email Lists With Ease

Building your list is pretty hard. They say the first thousand names are the hardest, and they are right. But why is it so difficult? Well, mainly because when you are building your list in the early stages, you are not really clued up on the ways to expand it exponentially, and you tend to just sign people up to your list via your website, or off the back of your products. There are certainly other ways to build your list, and one of those ways are with ad swaps.

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Listbuilding Techniques – 3 Ways to Get Those Names

Everyone is always telling you that the money is in the list. What are you honestly doing about it though, apart from your normal opt ins from sales pages and squeeze pages? Have you considered looking at other tactics? People often forget that for all means of attracting potential clients, there are methods that can be explored other than the mainstream ones. List building has been popular for a number of years, and lots of marketers have upped their game, after realizing the true value of a captive audience.

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