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Build an Email List

Build an Email List to Increase Sales

Build an email list to promote your website and make sales – that’s what you hear all the internet marketing gurus tell you. But how do you start building your own list? And what’s so special about email marketing that makes it such a necessary addition to your business? Knowing how to build an email list – and keeping it hot – is a marketing strategy that will serve your website well when you launch a new product or put one of your existing products on sale. Whether you plan to sell your on products or affiliate products – or ...

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Autoresponders are Your Best Friend (if You use Them Right!)

If you run an online business then you need a simple and efficient way to stay in contact with your customers and potential customers. One of the greatest tools at your disposal is a mailing list but more than that, you can use an autoresponder that schedules mail and delivers it to your mailing list at pre-defined intervals saving you the hassle but freeing you to deliver important content, valuable updates, insightful information and marketing materials to your list.

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Why Won’t They Listen to Me?

The problem most internet marketers face when they are just starting out, and literally just starting to (make an attempt to) network with their colleagues in the industry, is credibility. We all lack credibility in the beginning, and some names get more attention in our inbox than others. There’s a pecking order, just like any other industry, and that’s just a fact. When a top affiliate marketing guru looks in his inbox, there’s probably 100 emails to action that day, before they start on customer service. The only way to build credence with these busy people, is to establish a ...

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Using the Cheat Sheets

Cheat sheets are now commonplace with some eBooks and guides, and they can be an invaluable asset when you are getting to know a new marketing method or if you are learning how to craft sales pages for example. The vendor will usually bundle some cheat sheets in the package, so all you have to do is copy and paste them to get the desired effect. Of course, you can change the items on the sheet to your requirements, but naturally the stuff on there has probably been split tested, time tested and more. It is usually best to go ...

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Honesty is the BEST Policy

Honesty is always the best policy, and the more transparent you are with your readers, the better you will get along with them. A relationship with a reader is much like a relationship with your bank manager. You are always aware of what he is thinking about you, and he thinks you are always trying to get money out of him. Without him, you are doomed. In essence, he is the connection between your work, and you eating. Readers and visitors are just as important as your bank manager. If you went to see your bank manager, and wanted some ...

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