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Problems as opportunities

Problems as Opportunities: Reversing Your Problem

Seeing problems as opportunities is not something that we as humans are used to doing. We tend to try to see problems as something to overcome or something to have to fight. Sometimes though, we should try to see them as ways we can benefit from having to go through a trial. For example, how do you think so many people are able to write eBooks on how to get rid of certain diseases or sicknesses? Some are charlatans, of course, and others just copied what existing books have to say on the subject, but many of them actually had ...

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How to make a blog website

How to Make a Blog Website That Isn’t Just a Blog

How to make a blog website that looks like a website but is one that feels like and is formatted similarly to a blog is a great way to make things easier on yourself and your readers. Did you know that you can create an entire website out of a blogging platform like WordPress? You can, and in doing so, you save yourself a lot of hassle in HTML and CSS coding or in trying to hire someone else to do it for you. In order to pull this off, you need to pick a template that doesn’t scream, “I’m ...

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Best content management system

Best Content Management System for Your Website

Best content management system options abound on the internet. There are paid versions and free, open source versions. A lot of them work similarly to accomplish one thing: helping you manage website content, design and function without all the hassle of coding and designing everything yourself. Generally, the best content management system is one that you install on your website and use to add new content and design elements. The whole point of a content management system is to enable the user to copy and paste new content for instant publishing and to make a few selections in a plugin ...

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