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The Marketer’s Pocket Guide to Small Budget Content Marketing

As a marketer, having a small budget, or lack thereof, is probably something that you worry about on a regular basis. “How can I maximize the effectiveness of the money I spend on marketing?” “Are there marketing methods out there that are both effective and low-cost?” These are two questions that, if you are still reading this, you probably think to yourself on a regular basis. Fortunately, there are marketing strategies out there that can work with a small budget. Content marketing is one such strategy. It is also one of the most emphasized and commonly used marketing strategies by ...

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3 Quick Content Marketing Tips that Bring Big Results

It’s quickly becoming more and more apparent that content should play a significant role in creating a massively successful business. From a strictly marketing point of view, content is what will build your brand, help showcase your expertise, and bring in new traffic. Audiences will show a significant amount of loyalty to their favorite bloggers, continuously reading and sharing content, and best of all, buying their products. I want to be 100% clear. Content isn’t just written. It can come in numerous forms such as video or podcasts as well. Regardless of what method you choose to pursue, it’s important ...

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