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The Impact of Having a Great Mobile Website

Nothing says you have an up to date company like having a whopper of a mobile website. I know, you hear me harp on this a lot, but I still have yet to see many internet marketers get themselves a nice, shiny, new mobile friendly website. Perhaps it’s because they just don’t see the benefits of making their websites friendly for mobile devices. Apparently many of you need some more convincing. If so, here are a few (more) of my reasons why you need to get on this right away! Why I Know You Should Have a Mobile Website There’s ...

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Build a landing page

Build a Landing Page That Converts

Build a landing page that drives traffic and turns into conversions for your business, and you will be on your way to success in both the online and offline markets. There are certain formulas that funnel customers from the top to the bottom of the page and ending at a strong call to action that will eventually drive crazy conversions for you – if you do it right. Remember that you have to consider being Google friendly when starting to build a landing page. Google bans users who don’t comply with their guidelines, so always be sure to check with ...

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