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Best content management system

Best Content Management System for Your Website

Best content management system options abound on the internet. There are paid versions and free, open source versions. A lot of them work similarly to accomplish one thing: helping you manage website content, design and function without all the hassle of coding and designing everything yourself. Generally, the best content management system is one that you install on your website and use to add new content and design elements. The whole point of a content management system is to enable the user to copy and paste new content for instant publishing and to make a few selections in a plugin ...

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How to use WordPress

How to Use WordPress on Your Website

How to use WordPress instructions are found all over the internet, but you don’t always need the instructions themselves – you need to know what to do with WordPress once it’s installed. This guide will give you a basic overview of the capabilities your site will have once you install WordPress. The WordPress installation itself is pretty easy. If your domain hosting offers one-click WordPress installation, you can install WordPress directly from the control panel of your hosting dashboard. The software will create a username and password for you, and all you have to do is save those login credentials ...

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Newbies Learning From You?

Millions of bloggers will have the problem that some of their audience will hit their page, and be looking at how to make money on the internet – but they won’t have a CLUE what the blog is talking about. Even stuff we as marketers consider to be jargon-free is in fact gibberish to a brand new virgin visitor who clicked on your link in the hope you could enlighten them to the mystery of online entrepreneurship. The fact of the matter is, it’s a hard task to get a brand new and total newbie to understand the basic concepts ...

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The Things You Never Get Done…

We could sit for hours listing the things we need to get done. And somewhere on our list, is usually “make a list”. We are compelled to be as organized as possible, and will often make a big dent in our to do list – but the real problems are all the little things we have been putting off for too long. They will eventually mount up and have to be passed to a virtual assistant or worse, forgotten about. So, what are the top 20 things (in no particular order) we never get done?

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Creative and Interesting Images for Your Blogs

We find ourselves at the corner of creative and interesting, and we are now looking to enthral our visitors with things that they might find interesting, or why they would bookmark your page , or grab your RSS feed. There are fewer things that catch the eye better than using an image on a blog, or an animation, or a video (which appears as a static image in the first place). With this in mind, we are going to tackle something which we haven’t touched on when talking about interest grabbing content: images.

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