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Plugins for blog

Plugins for Blog: Most Useful Types of Widgets for Blogging

Plugins for blog use is often free and very easy to use. They generally take the place of a piece of code that you would otherwise have to hire to have made for you or that you would have to code yourself. If you were building a website, you would have to do your homework to place a the code for similar functions in all the right places on each page, but with a blog, you only have to install it in the theme template, and it’s ready for tweaking. You can usually tweak most plugins for blog purposes fairly ...

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Wordpress contact form

WordPress Contact Form: Free Plugins You Can Use

WordPress contact form plugins are generally free to the public, which makes your job as a contact management system owner much easier. If you were working in a software like Dreamweaver, you would have to code the contact form yourself using PHP code. But with a free plugin, all the hassle is behind you. A WordPress contact form basically provides you with all the information fields you need from a potential client or customer. Plugins of this type usually include name, email address and message fields. Some even place a CAPTCHA form at the bottom so your odds of getting ...

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