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Adding to Your Social Media Campaign

Facebook has become a mainstream word and if you ask somebody what it is they are most likely able to tell you.  Pinterest and Instagram on the other hand are a little less well known, but they both can pack big punches when it comes to improving your subscriptions. Pinterest is an online “pinboard” where users can “pin” things from the Internet in order to organize them and share the things they love with friends and family. Instagram on the other hand is an online mobile photo and video sharing networking service that allows its users to integrate their pictures ...

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Business Social Media

Business Social Media: 5 Tips for Building Customer Relationships

In business social media, it’s crucial that you always have your attention on building your brand and on building your relationship with your customers. In the long run, that’s what’ll really make your company successful. Short term strategies can bring in small bursts of sales; but real companies are built on long lasting relationships. How do you build those relationships? These 5 tips will help.

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