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The Importance of Your Brand Promise

For any individual in the field of marketing, there are a number of important facets to be aware of. When it comes to marketing your brand, there are certain strategies that can having the effect of either making your brand or breaking your brand. One of the most important and useful strategies out there is to always ensure that your brand’s promise truly comports with what your brand is delivering your customers. To ensure that you are on the right track when it comes to your own brand’s promise, below is an overview of how to achieve a strong brand ...

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Guest Blogging: Does It Still Work?

When you think of fast food, your mind may revert to an image of McDonald’s. When someone mentions shoe brands, you may immediately think of Nike. Why is this?  Through brand awareness, these companies have brought an unparalleled level of exposure to their products. In short, they’ve been seen so many times by so many people that consumers immediately think of their brand.   This is one facet of internet marketing that is quite often overlooked. Granted, the way Nike and McDonald’s approaches brand awareness is not the same as the owner of a newly-launched website necessarily would. However, there are ...

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