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negative attitude

Overcoming The “NEGATIVE” Attitudes Around You

You know, one thing that drives me mad is when I hear people say “I can’t do it” or “I am scared of failing”… the problem is we are all pressured into a mindset where in many cases, we just do not even TRY because we are scared of failure. I honestly cannot tell you how many times I have been there myself in the early years, listening to people around me who told me I was never going to succeed at working for myself and that I should “Get a Real Job” because they are more secure!

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Avoid the Salesman Effect

When you are being sold to, what goes through your mind? For me, it starts with interesting questions to ask, right through to what I’m having for dinner that night. The problem with selling zero people is that you eventually lose them (every salesman loses their prospect at some point in a pitch – even the great ones), and have to get them back. Whether you are aware of this shift or not, it is there, and fortunately can be avoided. There’s one technique you need to learn for that, and it’s called “conversation”. I had a quick meeting with ...

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