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Surprisingly Easy Niche and Keyword Research

niche_hunting_ideasI get asked a lot of questions about niche research, and we have managed to put out some good information on the blog and in the members area about this subject.

However, you can never have too much of a good thing, so here’s another seriously fast & easy way to grab a niche that is profitable, and can make you money very quickly.

There are no bigger players in the world of internet marketing, than the companies which use CPA to get leads for their products. They are paying out millions of dollars to affiliates, in return for free signups, and free trials and every other pay-per-lead type. Teeth whitening strips, fat pills, acai berry – you have seen them all. Well, there’s a way to tap into this lucrative market, and snag some great keywords and niches too. You can use this method for CPA, Adsense or anything else if you like. It is quite flexible.

Head over to Offer Vault. They will tell you the most popular and highest paying CPA offers. Pick one that you like the look of. For this example, we will go with a “sell your house fast” type offer.

When you click on the offer, you will see a new page that tells you lots about the company, product, and CPA management company. All you care about right here is the company behind the product. Get their URL by clicking “Landing Page Preview”. Now, head over to SEMRush and enter the URL on the home page.

On the left, you can view Adwords keywords (amongst other cool stuff).  For the example, which is selling homes fast, we saw the keyword “fast home sales”, and if we click on it, we see more detailed info – like what other associated keywords there are, and the value.

Now, run the keywords through your normal competition checking methods, and you will see that some of these are easy to compete in. Seriously – check it out!

Just from this info alone, we see that we have found

a)      A great niche

b)      A keyword that has low competition (surprisingly)

c)       A keyword that has high Adsense value

d)      A niche that you have CPA available for, as well as Adsense

Use this information wisely! There are lots of ways to use it for niche research, and each time you search and start digging, you will uncover more and more niches. You could effectively list all these, and create mini projects for them all.

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