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Still Offering Free Consultations and Advice?

There comes a time in most online entrepreneur’s career where they have to decide between emailing that really nice guyhelp_with_consultation back who has just asked an extremely lengthy and detailed question about a product or service that’s in your niche (but you don’t sell it…), or actually editing a sales page that you are never getting round to.

By the end of the day, you may have forgotten about that guy earlier in the day. He was good enough to purchase one of your products some time ago, but the question isn’t relating to your current portfolio… so what do you do? More often than not, support on your current portf9olio, and getting through your day to day work is more important – and that’s how it should be.

But that guy is still waiting there, desperately checking his email inbox for your reply. By the time you get round to answering him, you may be running short of time yourself, and just a quick sentence is all you can manage.

Now, wouldn’t it be better if you could afford to spend more time with that guy? Offering him a consultancy service to better serve his needs? Well there’s a service that is catching eyes called SpeakToMe that takes the tried and tested business framework of “pay per minute” and transplants it firmly on the web for you to use as you see fit.

Speak To Me is not revolutionary in it’s premise, but having the ability to consult on a pay per chat basis is indeed out of the box thinking, especially for busy entrepreneurs with blogs to update, products to change and support queries to handle. If you have got a following that trust your responses to be accurate and detailed, they will not have any issue with paying you for your time.

You don’t have to charge huge consultation fees either. Speak To Me charge a nominal 20% for their part in the transaction and service, which is a good rate considering they also guarantee to get you $50 on your first 1000 visitors. You can see the appeal of course. Replacing a Live Support button on your site, a Speak To Me button is displayed. When visitors click this link they are offered pricing for your consultation time. Great concept, and great way for you to stay motivated in answering people’s pleas for advice and help with their business!


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