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Why You Should Start Split-Testing Your Email Campaign

There’s a lot of information on the web about how to organize a good email campaign and maximize return on investment, but how do you know if it’s working?

A/B Testing is Split-Testing

A/B testing is a great way to figure out the best online promotional and marketing strategies for your business. It will help you find the most effective elements of promotion for your customer base, which will increase your conversions.

A/B testing is something you can do both on your website and in ads and email campaigns. It involves testing 2 methods of advertising against one another. You can either test 2 new marketing campaigns, or your current marketing campaign against a new campaign to see which does better.

These types of tests are run simultaneously to avoid certain factors that could taint the results. You do this by splitting the traffic…showing half your pool one site, email, or ad, and half your pool the other. Then you gather information as well as you can on how they interacted with the information and whether it led to conversions.

Did they open the email? Did they click on any links within the email? If you’re A/B testing a website, how much time did they spend on each page and how many pages did they visit? Did they buy anything? Did they take advantage of special sales or codes you placed in the email to qualify for free shipping or use a discount?

This information will help you figure out how to streamline your marketing campaign for maximum ROI.

You can test nearly anything you can get information about in Split-testing. If you can find out who read your emails, you can see which type of headlines you used were more effective. If people are clicking through to your site and you can monitor the traffic and which version of the test it came from (say with specialized redirect links) you can test the effectiveness of your call to action. You can also test your sales copy or product descriptions in similar fashion…ones that are more effective will have more click-throughs.

Another really easy way to make sure people read and are responding to your email is with customized discount codes. They can offer the same benefit to each party or different benefits. Those things can be tested too. If more people are interested in qualifying for free shipping than 20% off, that’s valuable information in regards to what types of discounts people are looking for that will inspire them to make a purchase.

The more information you can gather on how your customers respond to your emails and/or website, the more you can tailor your marketing campaign to improve your conversion rate. Figuring out what your customer base responds to will help you build a personal relationship with them that is also beneficial for your company and saves you money by allowing you to target your marketing campaign to their interests. You can even do A/B/C testing if you have 3 different headlines or sales copy you’d like to try out.

Final Word

Split- testing tends to take a bit of time investment, but it is well worth it in the long run. The benefits you gain from having information on how to appeal specifically to your client base will consistently improve your conversion rate. Regular A/B testing will also help you keep on top of changes in your customer base and what type of people you’re appealing to so you can more specifically meet their needs.

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