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Start at the Beginning…

start_at_beginningOne question that is always asked when it comes to internet marketing and SEO, is the best way to attack a niche that is already over run by hundreds of other marketers. You would be surprised at how easy it is to find a way into an already saturated market. All you have to do is start at the beginning. Imagine yourself as the searching general public.

They are all trying their level best to get to the best website that fits their needs and wants. Let us take the dating niche (which is highly saturated in every corridor) and in particular, “how to meet women”.

If you were to go for this niche tomorrow, you would seriously need your head examined according to some experts and forums. However, if you start right at the beginning, and analyze exactly what your visitor is searching for when they hit a site, then you can get a better idea of the keywords and SEO you need to do.


In the above example, “how to meet women”, it says nothing about how the actual person is thinking at the time of the search. Every single thing a human does is governed by emotion, so let us analyze this first. Why are they trying to find the information? What is there purpose? What type of emotion are they feeling?

Who – who would be searching this niche?

What – what is the content they are looking for?

Why – why would they be searching in the first place (emotional reasoning)

Where – where are your visitors coming from? Should you target locally or nationally?

Start at the beginning and think like the searcher. String a couple of keywords together and put them in a keyword modifier:

Examples: lonely, divorced, single, companion, chat, meet, friendship

Enter into modifier: http://kw.tre.sk/step2

Paste a list into each of the two boxes, and hit go. This pairs up words for you. Now take this new list, and paste into Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Out of the box, this produced “meet single people” as a suggested keyword, which has under 2000 allintitle, and gets almost 1000 exact searches per month.


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