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Sponsorship Deals for the Uninitiated

youtube_logoSponsorship deals these days can be for anything from the Super Bowl down to a child’s toy from a restaurant.

We are bombarded gently or aggressively by advertising companies who are getting their clients’ name out to us by any means necessary.

You want to know the truth? It works. You can use the very same tactics with the most popular mediums on the internet today, and not spend a single penny.

YouTube is the biggest viral thing we have seen on the internet in recent times, and virtually any search term you type into Google right now will bring up a couple of videos on the first page of results. You can also see other videos by clicking a link at the top of the results – and see related results too. The way you get to YouTube is irrelevant. As of today, scores of millions of visitors are pressing play on videos on YouTube every month. It would be ridiculous to think that you couldn’t get some of that traffic to your video, and subsequently, your website.

So how does sponsorship come into it? Recently (in the last few months) a certain marketer explained that advertising on popular YouTube accounts could be a great way to get traffic to CPA offers and such. You rent the space that the video owner is not using, by simply paying them to put a link to your website in their description. This is all well and good, but the best thing to do is build natural traffic, and pay nobody anything. The only way you can get a lot of viral traffic is by having a viral video. But how??

The first thing you need to do is sign up for RSS feeds for all the top marketing websites, and as soon as you see any kind of video content being uploaded to their sites, you need to get it downloaded and converted. Besides marketing THEIR products, you are going to be sponsoring the video, and marketing YOUR products. This is a fairly simple task. Get the RSS feed of the marketer’s blog. Check them daily for new videos. When they have uploaded a new video, visit them and use a Firefox addon to download the actual video file. Once you have downloaded it, do not edit it in any way. Simply upload to YouTube and write in the description how you feel about the video. Then tell the viewer they can read more at your site. That’s it. When a video from a guru goes live, they get a lot of views very fast. If you are among the first – then you could tap into literal viral traffic.

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